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January 24, 2007



Thank you so much for the template! The photo of your children is adorable. Thank you for sharing it (and the template!).


Great template but so sorry because:
"The download limit has been reached for this file." on both links.

Julie Ann

Let me know if you upload the template again please~!


I love your templates. Thank you for sharing!


Will you be renewing the links? Both have expired.

Gisela Bendel

I love your templates. But again I'm to late. All both links are expired. I'm sorry for that.


Very nice template...but I too missed it


thanks Janet - it is soo cute!


Thanks so much for the great template! I love your stuff!


Thanks so much for the template, love it.


Thanks for the template. It's gorgeous!! What a ute photo of the kids - I don't have any kids, but my cat is a frequent visitor to my empty laundry baskets...


It`s morning here in Greece now, and I hurried to see if the link had been renewed.
It HAD been refreshed but again:"The download limit has been reached for this file."
You see how popular your template is?
Good for you and sad for me.
Will try again later.

Gisela Bendel

thank you for refreshing the link. Now I was able to get the template. It looks wonderful and I'm glad that you have shared them. Thank you very very much.


LOL! (literally). :)

I LOVE the laundry basket pics!!! Kids ARE funny and cute, aren't they!

Thanks for the template. Love IT!



Hey, I am somewhat late but thanks a lot for the template. It was actually my first time using one and I had lots of fun with it! I enjoy reading your blog and you have great talent!

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