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December 15, 2006



OMG - sure is a whole lot of new stuff going on with you! The kits look great! Very exciting for you! So where do you go in Michigan? How fun that you had christmas already - the pictures look great!

Laurie G

Wow Janet- my head is spinning just *reading* this and I'm not even going through it LOL! I pray that all goes smooth with your move!

Awesome kits- I hope they do well for you! Oh and those candy cane reindeer are the cutest- glad you figured it out before they all got smashed to pieces LOL!

God bless!


So glad you started selling your kits! I started a thread about you at DST and hopefully you'll get some sales! Anyway, hope things continue to flow along smoothly for you, hang in there! I know I am totally ready for vacation and still have three days left and I'm not doing all you are!

Sandra Boddington

Good luck Janet with the move, I did it a couple of months ago and found it exhausting. Your photos of Christmas are beautiful.


Love the kits especially "Just Me"...I will have to get that one for my son...Great new templates...Good luck with the move...And the reindeer are too cute...I may have to try those this weekend....

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