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December 01, 2006



They are so cute! Great pictures - they will love these! I think it is a wonderful selfless act that you guys are doing!


Thankful for people like you at NC. Praying for you an alumni of the dorm, I know it isn't always easy. Congrats on the layout in the January CK! :) miley


fabulous pictures Janet!I am sure all your praying and reflecting will help you guys to find the way forward that is best for you all.


Sending you a big hug Janet!! I know it's hard sometimes (we are in Hungary) and ask ourselves the same questions at times, especially this is our first year without our daughter here. But God...He always knows when we need that reminder and touch from Him and is faithful to send someone in our path and then we just exhale and remember our calling :) Congrats on the CK of these days I may actually get to see it :)

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