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September 22, 2006



Janet, you never cease to amaze me with your talent, and your blog is alwasys so fun to read, too! You are cracking me up-LOL! I am so gald it is finally not HOT--I am loving our cool but not cold weather here-so nice!!! But I admit, I am glad I don't really ever need a winter coat!! Have a super weekend!


How cute? I say beyond cute! I think it's already winter here today - we are supposed to see some snow flakes tonight. That will make soccer really fun tomorrow! Stay warm. -Laura

Kellie (joelsgirl)

I'm so agreeing!!! Cold weather is for the birds...oh wait, that's right, even the BIRDS fly away from cold weather! Fall in Akransas, though, means PERFECT weather; not too hot, not too cool, and I am living it up! It's so nice to be able to go outside with Jack during the day, whereas in KK I wouldn't take him outside until after 4 cuz it was so dang hot! But when winter hits, I'm gonna die, because I hate this cold weather, too.

Those pictures are great. Your kids are super photogenic and adorable. Love your pages.


Too dang cute!!! You have made some beautiful babies Janet! And your layouts are just eye-poppin gorgeous! I especially love the Whatever layout, I can so relate to that and I LOVE SPs new kit!

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