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August 08, 2006



Man, oh man--your blog is always such a good read! Fun and interesting:):) Love all the new pages--super idea for your sister too:) Decisions? I'm pretty bad it at but the only thing I know to do is pray pray pray and wait to get an answer. If I don't get one, I proceed with caution and open ears:):) Well, I guess I'll get busy getting rid of junk I don't use now:) HAve a super day!!!!!!!


I love the page you did for your sister, what a great gift that will be. Your small-town living sounds wonderful- as much as I love Orlando, the thought of being somewhere cozy and small is great. I love your kids comments about where they live! I hope your training is helpful and that the start of your year goes well! What will Jason being doing, or are you both DPs like at Dalat?

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