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August 19, 2006



Oh WOW Janet!!! These templates rock!!! You are so very talented! I am so glad you are enjoying your new home in Nebraska and your kids have the cutest little personalities! Have a super weekend:):)

lauren grier

Ok.. It took me far too many tries to get this dandy lil comment box to pop up haha. Technical difficulties today !!

Anyways, I ABSOLTELY love that last layout- ok I love them all, but that one is by far my favorite. I don't know if it's the photos, or the paper, or both, but it's simply gorgeous :D

Julie (mrs2a50)

Congrats on your templates Janet! Those are wonderful! And I'm glad you guys are happy with your move. That can be a hard thing to do!


Janet, the templates are super! As good as any I've seen and I think I've seen them all. Marci

Laura (brechasemom)

Great Templates. Unique style. I would love to use them. Hopefully you can load them to yousendit. I love all your layouts also. You have a beautiful family.


Janet, you should sell your templates! They are amazing! ive always been inspired by your work and this is no exception! I completely giggled when I read abt your comment abt Levi growing up too soon and that if he grows up too soon you might think of having another one which shldnt be the case since you havent lost all the weight yet.....guess what? ME TOO! LOL.

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