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June 17, 2006



Style schmile--all your pages are beautiful and wonderful to look at. That's what counts!! Glad you are getting more time to do what you want to:) Sorry to hear about the stinky stuff from your last post. That's a shame. Unfortunatley I can relate to that--it's just yucky but I bet you handled it with style and grace. Hope you have a super weekend!!!!!


What a bunch of fun LOs! Ahhh, the heat. Actually, Florida is hotter than Malaysia! I had forgotten about that until we came home last year. Now we're heading into the summer and the temps are regularly near 100. Ouch! Of course we do have air-con (central) but the amount of hours that I have to be outside with the boys makes up for that I think. Anyway, great Malaysia LOs! Yipppee!! Maybe I'll pull out some of my pics and do them! When do you leave?

Shabby Miss Jenn

HOOOOOLY COW Mommy Twin! These layouts are beyond amaaaaazing! Wow..I hear ya about STUFF! We cleaned and cleaned today!!!!! Packing is tough to do! Glad your stuff is gone so now you can relax and scrap!!!!! WHooo ohooo!!! Enjoy your last moments there sweetcakes!

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