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June 07, 2006



If you want to know how to get shots like the one in the new blog banner... you have to risk your life and risk having to buy a new camera if you fell off the arm of the couch that you're standing on. Oh! maybe that is what my wife is doing "accidently" trying to break our camera, so she can get the new Canon digital rebel. Just kidding honey. Love you bunches. Jason


Okay CRACKIN' UP at the photo of your DS! Awesome that you got a shot of it--can't wait to see the scrap page:) Hope all goes well for you during this time of mixed emotions. Sounds like a whirlwind! That mini album is SUPER! Just amazing!! Have a great day:)


Oh, my goodness! What a funny picture. Your ABC album looks great.

I know what you mean about scrapping - I just need to do it as a stress relief. Praying you get some rest soon.

Shabby Miss Jenn

HUGS babes! You have done a fabulous job with those kids! Enjoy your last few moments!!!!!


Oh do I know how you are feeling!! I was just thinking yesterday that I must be getting better because I hadn't even thought of checking the expat Singapore message board for months now LOL! But I still really miss the expat life and especially Singapore. Far from perfect and not a place that I would have wanted Eilish and Maddie to spend all their formative years but I was definitely not ready to go. And my DH, of course, who really wanted to come back to New Zealand after 10 years away and who spent the past decade thinking "if only we were back in NZ life would be easier, cheaper, more relaxed etc etc" has found himself completely stressed and overworked back in a low wage economy but with a huge mortgage so is reality has hit him and he is all depressed! So let's just say i relate! (And I loved that Mcdonald's poster you posted the other day - so true!!)


When does your "stuff" leave? Are you getting lots of packing done? Does your computer go along with your stuff or do you have a laptop to keep you busy scrapping until everything arrives?

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