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May 31, 2006



I understand! Sometimes I feel this great need to go "home", but when I drive along the coast or hear Jack speaking Bahasa or have a family of six invite me to share their one fish for dinner, my heart loves that THIS is home. We're getting ready to leave for six months, and I'm already mourning the time lost with our friends. So I am sad with you as you leave, but I know that you have great adventures ahead of you. And signs like that crack me up! (Like when Pizza Hut came out with the "Choose any two toppings" for a half-n-half pizza, but one "half" had to be Pineapple Tuna!)


My heart is with you as you transition! It sure is hard, especially when your dream & desire is to be overseas. Been there, doing that! Sometimes I wish I knew the rest of the story- when do we get to be overseas again and where. But I guess that's the faith part of the journey. I'll continue to be praying for a good transition for you, for strength and energy (physical and mental) for all the good-byes.


I so understand what you are saying Janet!! We are "home" now in CA and my heart is aching for our other home in Hungary. It's all about the people and where God has placed us! It's awesome that you and your family have been able to be a blessing and be blessed in Asia. How exciting it will be on your next adventure! I still have some catching up to do on your blog -haven't been at the computer much at all lately :) I will keep you in prayer :)

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