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April 19, 2006



He is totaly adorable Janet - congrats to the whole family!! :)


Yeah-I am grinning ear to ear!! He looks adorable (as do you all)CONGRATULATIONS!!! So happy for you :)


He's gorgeous! Congrats!


Congratulations!!! He's beautiful :)


oh he looks so sweet! congrats to you and your family I am so happy for you all!!!


He is absolutely beautiful Janet!! Congratulations and welcome Levi!


Congrats Phillips family! And Caleb now a big brother - woohoo!! He is absolutely beautiful Janet, what a little miracle. Now go get some sleep :)

Angie Wags

Levi is so beautiful...and you have some really awesome pictures to scrap!!!! Congrats, Janet!


He's precious- what a sweet little bean!!! You have a gorgeous family! Happy Scrapping (new babies are always so much fun) :-D


He is gorgeous!!! :) Congratulations to you and your family!


He is gorgeous Janet!! Good to see you're all doing well! Big Hugs. :)


Oh congrats!! I was just here last night checking to see if you'd had a baby yet. He's beautiful! So glad to hear the family adores him and is adjusting well!

Andrea Victoria

Congrats Janet and fam! What a blessing! He is just precious! So glad that everyone is happy and healthy.


He is just perfection Janet!! Congratulations, you guys must be absolutely tickled to have that beautiful baby there with you now!! They kept Emily from me when she was born too for the same reason, she wasnt warm enough...I remember that being sooo hard! I was induced for all three babies too!! How funny our birth experiences were so similar! Anyhow, rambling, CONGRATS!!

Shannon B. (aka dancingirisheyes)

Awwwwww! He's just absolutely beautiful!! I'm so thrilled for you and rejoicing and praising right along with your family! I'm gonna come back later to read the post. Only had time to look at the pics right now. Just enough to melt my heart *sigh*

Shabby Miss Jenn

CONGRATULATIONS JANET!!!!! OH HE'S GORGEOUS! They had to induce me with our dd for the same reasons! Hoooray you are all home! Okay now let's have a dd and 2 boys now. are my mommy twin! LOL Seriously! We will be sharing such similar stories! LOL Sooo I wish you the best...hope the feeding and sleeping is going well....and hope your dd is a huge help and that your other lil guy is not feeling like 2nd best yet. I hated that! Smoooochies!!!!!




CONGRATS! I don't think he could be any cuter?!?!? And that pic of his older sis holding him is just the BEST!!


Awww Janet - he is just perfect, what an absolutely precious little man! You are awesome to already be sharing this with us! Enjoy!


oh my, what a wonderful, beautiful blessing. congratulations! levi is such a cool name!


Congratulations on the new addition to your family!

Mindy Terasawa

Such a darling!!!! Congrate!!!!!! YOu looking well yourself!


Kellie (joelsgirl)

He's beautiful, Janet. Congrats on your new son!

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