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We are the Phillips family...we are a family of six (with one more on the way!)  We are from Michigan but have called Asia home for 8 of the past eleven years.

JASON: PE teacher and athletic director as well as Super Dad, Human Slide, and all around good guy.

JANET: Coffee drinking, craft making, hospitality loving, homeschooling mom who has a slight obsession with her camera, baking, and her scrapbooks.  She also talks a lot. She is a good speller but a fast and furious typist.  Expect typos.  Lots of them.

ALAINA: The seven year old non-stop-talking wonder girl.  The sweetest, smartest, most creative little blond headed girl anyone could ever ask for.  Wants to be just like her mama when she grows up (not sure if that is a good thing or not).

: The craziest six year on a pair of legs you ever did see.  He is a daredevil. He marches to the beat of his own drummer, says THE most hilarious things EVER, and loves big hugs and squeezes.  He loves swords, shields, cats, and building stuff...lots of stuff.

: The curly-haired four year old family antagonist.  His dimples and squeeze hugs get him out of lots of trouble. If someone is crying, we can usually guess that 1)Levi is the cause and 2)He is laughing about it. I would work harder to correct the problem but I see that it is hopeless...he is the clone of his father. He loves games and can usually be found carrying around an UNO deck or dad's iphone.

: Katie, Katie bug, miss Katelynn.  Our only remaining toddler...making her way in the world and in the family.  Blond hair, blue eyes, and a sweet dimple.  She loves all her dolls (Sarah, Dora, Josie, and Jordyn) and insists that she has two babies in her tummy.


NUMBER 5: Another little girl, due March 23, 2011.  She is currently making mom very, very sick.